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Comparing Workday and NetSuite

Use these Workday experts to help guide you to a decision between these great products.

ERP software integrates all important business functions into an overall system and streamlines processes and information throughout the entire organization. Since CRM offers an entry into customer loyalty and ERP automates the management of sales, marketing, supply chain, fixed assets and operations, it makes business sense for the two to marry. Netsuite ERP includes many different front-of-house modules that help retail and consumer brands manage their sales. Sources: 3, 5

On the other hand, SAP offers professional services to companies with deep human capital resources. Cloud ERP reviews are reviewed and monitored to prevent fraudulent reviews and maintain high quality audit. Sources: 5

With CRM, the company stores and manages all customer data, sales, marketing, supply chain and operational processes in one central location and accesses them from anywhere in the world. Sources: 3

We used Celigo Connector to bring these critical systems together and a full view of our customers quickly came into focus. Our customers have created a wish list which we have used as a starting point for the next step in the integration process with NetSuite. Sources: 3, 5

We often ask questions about NetSuite vs Workday, so we thought it was time to set the record straight by comparing the two accounting platforms. SAP Business One is the only comprehensive, best solution that can run your entire business. Compare SAP ByD B1 with Net Suite and don't forget to take the SAP NetSuite quiz. Sources: 2, 5

In fact, NetSuite can do many of the same tasks that Workday cannot, such as accounting, payroll and other tasks. Workday is that it is more focused on business management and business analytics than the NetSuite version that is included in the HR tools. Sources: 2

QuickBooks is an established company, but it is not compatible with international conditions and is limited to a few geographical areas. Despite the niche focus on accounting, NetSuite offers financial ERP and CRM services in addition to accounting solutions. Although the specific tools and functions will vary, their solutions include a variety of financial management tools, such as payroll, payroll and automated project accounting. Sources: 0

Sage 100 offers solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, but your decision should be based on how large your business is. Both systems are very functional and both are in the professional service sector, making them ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises. Sources: 6

The ERP system keeps the upper hand over your business by automating projects and creating jobs when a service is sold, while keeping track of costs and revenue in detail at fixed intervals. Workday ERP prices include the cost of selecting this software and other software products, including pre-configured packages and advice from Workday partner services. Sources: 4, 6

Tipalti uses flat files integration with Workday software to automate the entire payment cycle and make global bulk payments, while starting with self-service onboarding to reduce workload and fraud risk. Flat-file API connections are available for NetSuite and Workday ERP products as well as other software products. Sources: 4

HR and financial apps for the future or implementing a complete enterprise software suite to better manage your entire business. With NetSuite you can start with a module and add functionality as you need it. Workday is a leading provider of enterprise software - grade business management software - and provides solutions for accessing all your functions, including at home from your computer or mobile app. Sources: 4, 7

At Workday, we've selected hundreds of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. Sources: 7

Oracle ERP and Workday are genuine midsize to large companies that offer a comprehensive software solution that includes a strong HCM solution, to name just a few of the other top tier software products offered by the top tier of software vendors such as SAP. Comparing SAP and Workday ERPs with enterprise software, both ERP providers can compete with larger corporate customers. Sources: 4

SAP SE is a multinational European software company based in Germany that produces business software for managing business processes and customer relationships. The core functionality of SAP and NetSuite is more like a Venn diagram, but both NetSuite and OneWorld address their customers' needs when selecting enterprise software. Sources: 5

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a strong player in the ERP market with comparatively low costs and easy implementation. Workday's proven cloud services and strong performance make it a leader in our magic quadrant of technology that supports the transformation of the financial sector. Sources: 1, 5

NetSuite Financial Management is a comprehensive financial management suite that also includes accounting, sales management and financial planning. NetSuite’s Financials is part of a broader ERP suite and is delivered on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. NetSuite was rated a challenger and has a cloud service that can be expanded to a wide range of business models, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Sources: 1

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