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Negotiating with Oracle

Fusion Cloud Applications

looking for Oracle NetSuite?

Oracle, one of the original ERP players, has made a continuous push into the cloud.  Even before the term ‘cloud’ came into use, Oracle had deep roots in the SaaS application landscape.  Their application development foundation that original cloud players such as NetSuite were structured on eventually became Oracle Exadata Cloud Service., Through purchases of ERP leaders such as PeopleSoft and JDE, Oracle had the intellectual property to become a cloud ERP provider.


Recently, they have bought their way into the market with acquisitions such as NetSuite, as well as built their way by redeveloping (and often sunsetting) their existing applications.


Our partners at Cloud Negotiators have lived all of this history - we know what Oracle can bring to your organization, but also some of the concerns you might have, and we know how to help.


Perhaps you are moving into the cloud, not by choice, but due to the elimination of a current application that is critical to your business - how do you structure a healthy agreement for your new cloud service with that proverbial gun to your head?  We know.


We have heard concerns from our clients about multiple cloud applications being implemented simultaneously - these complex rollouts can be a problem, and create significant risk.


You need to protect yourself in a variety of ways as you move into the cloud with Oracle.  Wide-reaching implementations, confusing licensing models, SI and GSI management, important milestones.  We know how to help you do it, and ensure that you’re structured for success.


We understand that you likely have questions, and that you may want experts to help you for free.  Either way, we’re excited to work with you.  Have a look around, and when you are ready for a free FinancialForce Estimate Review, we’ll be ready to start.


We'll help you carry out a No-Cost review of the cloud estimates and other documentation provided by Oracle.


With decades of experience in cloud ERP, our partner negotiators can help you get the best investment on cloud service contracts. Better yet, we will help you understand finer details of all your contract documents and how they are structured. If your license counts are too high or not built to scale properly, we will identify and help eliminate unnecessary future expenditures.

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