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Negotiating with FinancialForce 

FinancialForce is a great cloud company, with a passion for helping clients.  Although they are a newer kid on the block in comparison to NetSuite or Intacct, they are well-positioned to provide value to businesses in the right verticals, such as service-based or project-based companies.


Do you know how to buy from FinancialForce effectively? We do.  We remember when Unit4 and Salesforce made the investments to kick off FinancialForce, and our partners have tons of experience working with and competing against them. Are the cloud-based service terms in the agreement, and the potential impacts on your business, clear to you? If not, they are to us.


What advantages do you have in negotiating with the up and comer? We know that and can help.


We hear lots of questions from our clients about working with FinancialForce - the most common is, ‘What happens when you build your ERP product on the platform?’  We know that and know the risks you may assume with multiple vendors, such as uptime and service levels.


We understand that you likely have questions and that you may want experts to help you for free.  Either way, we’re excited to work with you.  Have a look around, and when you are ready for a free FinancialForce Estimate Review, we’ll be ready to start.


We'll help you carry out a No-Cost review of the cloud estimates and other documentation provided by FinancialForce.


With decades of experience in cloud ERP, our partner negotiators can help you get the best investment on cloud service contracts. Better yet, we will help you understand finer details of all your contract documents and how they are structured. If your license counts are too high or not built to scale properly, we will identify and help eliminate unnecessary future expenditures.


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