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  • Who is Cloud Negotiator?
    Our exclusive partner network comprises former top executives, directors, and VPs that have spent decades working with some of the most reputable cloud service providers worldwide, such as Oracle, Workday, NetSuite, SalesForce and more. They understand the value that comes with getting the contract structured right from the start. These experts have lived and breathed contract negotiations with companies like yours - their experience and training that they bring to Cloud Negotiator lets them know what makes a great deal and how to get you the perfect solution at the best possible price. More than that, our partners are selected not just for that experience and training. Our partners LOVE to negotiate deals - and we know that contract negotiations may not be either what you’re great at or that you have the time for right now.
  • When is the best time to engage Cloud Negotiator?
    Right Now! But seriously, once you have selected your preferred cloud vendor, they will provide you with an estimate listing the services you require, along with a cost breakdown, service levels and potentially other charges. If you are happy with that estimate, you can sign that deal. Or - perhaps you think that there is some opportunity to improve on that contract, in terms of licences, cost or service. You may not know how to secure that deal. But we do - that’s when you can reach out to Cloud Negotiator for a second opinion on the estimate.
  • Why do I need a a Contract Negotiator?
    Our clients engage us for three main reasons: It’s the first time they and their team have taken this step into the cloud, and they have uncertainty about the costs and terms involved with this new world. Your cloud vendor has a sales team on the other side of the negotiating table that handles dozens or hundreds of these contracts each day, while this may be the only such deal you and your team will work in a number of years! This leads to significant information asymmetry - which we know can cause slowdowns or even breakdowns of the deal you need to help grow your business. Having an expert on your side helps you to reduce that risk. They are uncomfortable with some of the tough conversations that may be necessary in getting a contract done. We get it. Negotiations aren’t for everybody - but our partners live for them. They know how to get you the right deal, but more importantly get your relationship with a key partner to your business off on the right foot. They have better things to do with their time. Contract negotiations can be time-consuming, especially if one side isn’t fully comfortable. If it’s quarter-end, and you are more focused on the reporting needs of your business, engaging Cloud Negotiator takes the pressure off. We will work with your vendor without keeping you from your other core deliverables.
  • How does a Free Estimate work?
    Think of Cloud Negotiators as the best way to remove the risk of getting into a bad deal. Our AI engine (NEAL) and partner network will review your estimate with no costs or commitments on your side - comparing that estimate against our benchmarks and experience with similar deals, and quickly letting you know if there is an opportunity to negotiate a better contract. When we determine that you have the right deal and price in front of you - that’s how we will respond to you. You now have the confidence to sign, with our expertise providing that valued second opinion on your estimate. If we determine that you have opportunities to negotiate a better deal, we will provide you that information. Armed with it, you can work with your cloud vendor, or engage Cloud Negotiators to either provide you consulting services on how to secure that better deal or handle the negotiations with your vendor on your behalf. There is no downside for you - only an opportunity for a better deal on your new service!
  • What happens after I submit an estimate?
    Immediately, your estimate is reviewed by our AI engine (NEAL) along with our partner network to provide a free audit against our benchmarks of thousands of contracts. The results will be delivered to your inbox. If potential savings are identified, you have the option of working with your tailored negotiator to negotiate for you or consult with you to work directly with your vendor. You get to keep 73% of all the savings that we are able to secure for you.
  • How do you make money?
    When our clients engage us to negotiate for them, we are paid ONLY a portion of the contract savings that our partner network is able to secure. Cloud Negotiator's fees are 27% of the difference between your submitted estimate and the final negotiated contract. You have saved thousands from your initial estimate without any work on your part. If Cloud Negotiator is unable to find savings from your estimate, we do not charge you anything for our services.
  • What is involved on my end?
    The best part about working with the experts at Cloud Negotiator is that you may need as little as 15 minutes to provide your selected partner with any information about your specific needs and processes to set them up to negotiate specifically on your behalf. You get to save the hours involved in meetings, calls and emails with your vendor. We will provide you a secure portal to see the negotiation proceed in real-time, including meetings with your vendors and all communications. At the end of the process, we will provide you with the best negotiated deal for you to execute, allowing you to focus on all the other things on your plate.
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