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Negotiating with Intacct 

Intacct has a solid position amongst the ERP cloud leaders, especially when it comes to specific verticals,  but do you know how to buy from Intacct with risk protection?


Especially when the momentum of this potential Intacct venture takes an unnatural urgency around sales milestones like Intacct "Quarter-end" or"Year-end." You have your own duties around those same time periods, so how can you add more urgent duties to your already overloaded plate?

It's easy to get frustrated with a vendor-focused program, but not to worry, we can help. 

Do you understand why bargaining with Intacct may appear to be a completely overwhelming experience? Or maybe you would like to let specialists help you for free. In any event, we're excited to work with you. When you are ready for a free Intacct Estimate Review, we'll be ready to get started.

We've heard from our customers that the Sage-mandated documents, for example, Sage (Intacct) Estimate, Cloud Service Agreements, Implementation statement-of-works (SOW), can create an overwhelming experience when buying Sage Intacct.

We'll help you carry out a No-Cost review of the cloud estimates and other documentation provided by Intacct.

Intacct are one of the original Cloud financial systems, operating and improving for close to 20 years.  Our team has years of experience working both for and competing against Intacct, and are ready to help.

With decades of experience in cloud ERP, our partner negotiators can help you get the best investment on cloud service contracts. Better yet, we will help you understand finer details of all your contract documents and how they are structured. If your license counts are too high or not built to scale properly, we will identify and help eliminate unnecessary future expenditures.


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