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About Us

Imagine if you had a 10+ year cloud executive who knows your Vendor's goals and needs, assisting you in structuring the healthiest cloud purchasing agreement.


A tailored negotiator with the intellectual property to help you manage your cash flow more effectively by making sure the licensing model is suitable for your company now and tomorrow.

Well, great news! We have a global network of negotiating partners who love nothing more than dealing against their old competitors. Imagine a past VP of Oracle negotiating against Workday for you?  

Interesting fact: Many of our Negotiators are retired (ish) but love structuring phenomenal contracts against their old cloud competitors.

Without the correct information about their cloud contract, many small business owners wind up spending more money for some areas of cloud services they may not need.

We understand your cloud vendor's end goals because we helped define them.

Do you know your Vendor's goals for your company?

The correct price for licenses, support, growth, and implementation are fundamental cornerstones to your business's P&L with an expenditure of this magnitude.

We provide a transparent negotiation service for cloud adopters who want to balance their financial risk effectively.

A great, long-term partnership with your cloud seller is our top priority.

We bring exclusive sales, implementation, and support knowledge of your Vendor’s complete offering. We can show you the beautiful side of what the Vendor's want, which is you being a successful, long-term, recurring, happy client.

Our Partners

Imagine being a pioneering leader within some of the most incredible cloud companies in the world like Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, or Intacct. 

Now Imagine how many times within 10 years a VP of one of these cloud godfathers has been involved with a client negotiation to gain a new client (like you)

Now, these leaders work for you. 

To save you money and help start your partnership on the right foot. 

Skyline New York

We are a global partner network of negotiators in 14 countries on 4 continents 

All partners have a minimum of 10 years of cloud sales experience as a leader, including background check, to be accepted into our CloudNegotiator Partner Training Program

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