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Eliminate the Risk

Get the Right Estimate and Contract for Your Company at No Additional Cost to You

A Global Partner Network of Former Top Executives, Directors, and VPs in 14 Countries on 4 Continents.


Every Partner Has a Minimum of 10 Years of Cloud Sales Experience Within the Most Respected Cloud Companies in the World Like Salesforce, Workday, Netsuite, or Intacct.


Now, These Pioneering Leaders are Working to Save You Money and Help Start Your Partnership on the Right Foot.


Why Cloud Negotiator?

Think of Cloud Negotiator as the best way to remove the risk of getting into a bad deal. Our partner network will review your estimate with no costs or commitments on your side — comparing that estimate against our benchmarks and experience with similar deals, and quickly letting you know if there is an opportunity to negotiate a better contract.

No Downside for You — Only An Opportunity for a Better Deal on Your Cloud Applications!

What We Do

  • Negotiate Directly on Your Behalf

  • Breakdown Vendor Costs

  • Highlight Vendor Differences and Capabilities

  • Provide Training and Consulting


1. Submit Your Estimate for a Free Review

2. Our AI Algorithm Begins Analysis

3. Receive a Securely Delivered Tailored Estimate Score


Receive a Healthier Estimate and Contract at No Additional Cost for You or Your Company.

Simple, Fast, and Risk-Free


"We wanted to take advantage of our vendor's year-end incentives but we were swamped with our own quarter-end.

Luckily, our VC (parent) introduced us to Cloud Negotiator and the rest was history. Within 48 hours we had contracts signed. Thanks."


Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Set Your Organization Up for the Future

Skyline New York

Our mission is clear. Helping organizations gain comfort and clarity when buying company-wide SMB and Enterprise Cloud applications.

If you have selected your Cloud vendor but need to balance the license and professional services (implementation) investments with the future value the solution will deliver, we are here to help.

Your other option, Training & Consulting, is your path if you want to learn the ins and outs of the strategies that professional negotiators use. CFO's and procurement teams often use our training when organizations plan to procure multiple new Cloud applications over the next year.

Take your time back and let an experienced Cloud Negotiator work for you.

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