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Negotiating with SAGE

Business Cloud (not Intacct

We remember when Sage when they were called Sage Systems. From the early days, including the 90s & 00s when they were hungry with software company acquisitions. Dozens of M&A activities happened, and we saw companies like Peachtree, AccPAcc, TAS, Etc. 

Some believe that if Sage failed to buy a company like Intacct, they might not have caught the Cloud wave fast enough to retain their client base successfully. Although Intacct was a great buy for less than 1B, Sage has always been on the cloud roadmap since the change of the century.

Over 20 years ago, we witnessed the public claims from Paul Walker when he called the company to the "cloud" mat and announced Sage's intention to move all their client to the internet. Sure, Salesforce and NetSuite were around, but Sage was already on its journey.

Enter Sage business cloud - ridiculous legacy intellectually property, delivered through cloud technology. Cloud ERP, financials, HCM, analytics, great!


Except for the problems a company has, with multiple products, multiple GTM strategies, including a channel for GSI, SI. SDN, etc. 

Now compound multi-tenant needs, upgrades, support, etc.


Yep, we are here to help :)


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