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Sage buys Intacct after Oracle buys NetSuite

Who is the clear winner between NetSuite and Intacct?

I must have had 50 friends, family and professional colleague ask me this question.

Both of these companies started their "path to greatness" around the same time. NetSuite was founded in 1998 and Intacct 1999. When Oracle bought (2017) NetSuite, the original ERP cloud application company was doing around 1 billion in sales with tens of thousands clients worldwide. On the other hand, Intacct was doing around a 67million at the end of 2016 and claimed 11000 clients. Even if this revenue was all recurring, which it wasn't, that would put their average customer spend around 6k.

But....there is always a but

We have to look at the buyers as well. Sage was arguably not in the cloud application game, and so they had to buy or die. We could say that the intellectual property alone was worth the 850M investment.

Oracle, and their deep pockets, buy Netsuite for 13+ billion for different reasons. NetSuite was everywhere and dominating. They continued hyper-growth and in-depth vertical knowledge. You might also say they invented the rapid cloud implementation with SuiteSucess. NetSuite has massive advantages within Oracle, including the cloud architecture necessary to advance quickly. If you look at the data layer for NetSuite, it always ran Oracle. Sage Intacct also runs Oracle for their backend.....hmmmmm.

Our feeling is that both applications are good in the right verticals/industries but who's parent (Oracle or Sage) can help them the most? NetSuite has new cloud offerings as a result of bundling Oracle's other cloud applications...Does Intacct? I believe the build products on and not within Sage. A good example of this would be their HR offering.

Final answer: Our experience and the cloud application history needs to tip the decision to NetSuite.

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