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Comparing Acumatica with FinancialForce

Acumatica Experts around the world weigh in to help you choose a cloud ERP.

We have studied Acumatica Cloud ERP vs NetSuite and confirmed G2 Crowd as having the highest number of authenticated user reviews compared to NetSuite with 97.42%. By comparison, Intacct was used slightly more often but not as heavily, and G1 Crowd was not validated as it had the lowest rating of all authenticated ERPs. 97% versus 42% for NetSuite, with the same number of ratings for both. Sources: 2

We have already looked at customizing and scaling solutions and compared Intacct's "best of breed" approach, which takes the best of both approaches as NetSuite is known, and we have already compared G2 Crowd, the leading ERP provider, which claims to be building a modern business with advanced features. Now we have found the answer to all that we were looking for by comparing the performance of Acumatica Cloud and NetSuite, two of the top ERP providers that claim to have been designed for modern businesses, both advanced and functional. Sources: 0, 2

NetSuite has established itself as a leading provider of software that controls the entire business from the operational, financial and customer relationships. It can be customized for a wide range of business needs, from business planning and management to business operations and finance. Sources: 0

It is cloud-based, flexible and comprehensive, with full ERP functionality, making it ideal for businesses that need an all-in-one accounting and ERP system that can be easily integrated with Salesforce. NetSuite, acquired by Oracle in 2016, remains a leader in the cloud market and is pushing itself into a competitive position in the cloud. Sources: 0, 3

Accounting Seed is also a prime choice for construction companies because it's easy to use, integrates easily with Salesforce, and offers flexible pricing, making tracking labor and materials a breeze. Sources: 3

Accounting Seed is embedded in Salesforce and combines accounting, ERP and sales functions for a complete overview of your business. While integrated into the distribution platform, Accounting Seed can also be used as a standalone product starting at $100 per month. Companies considering switching to sales staff in the future may consider whether they should not be doing accounting. Integration is a seamless connection between SalesForce, Acumatica or both, with Acumatica and Salesforce allowing information to flow between SalesForce, Acumatica or both, but incurring a monthly subscription fee of $50 for the first year and $75 per year thereafter. Sources: 3

The Acumatica financial management module allows you to keep multiple companies on a single platform and then view them individually or in a consolidated manner. It has charts for each account that are embedded to control account codes and allow for limited sub-segments. With a strong focus on customer service, integration with Salesforce, and integration of Salesforce and Accounting Seed, it is ideal for businesses that are growing fast and finding that they need better overall collaboration and automation capabilities that only ERP can provide. Sources: 3

Fast-growing companies have multiple locations and need to serve customers in multiple countries with different business models and different customer types. Versa Cloud ERP is a multi-module ERP system designed for businesses that need to integrate with Salesforce, Accounting Seed and other third-party financial management systems. It is not directly integrated into SalesForce, but customers around the world will appreciate integration with the company's cloud platform. Sources: 3

VersAccounts API integration is a standard two-way connection to Salesforce that allows information to flow back and forth between the two products. Breadwinner seems to find the most love on the salesforce AppExchange, and on its website it provides a significant knowledge base for Xero, NetSuite, and QuickBooks. Integration between Xeros and SalesForce requires the use of a third-party financial management system, such as Accounting Seed. Sources: 3

Xero's central accounting functions are based on duplicate accounting and include accounts that can be customized for different types of accounts, such as multi-account accounts and accounts without accounts. Sources: 3

The financial-focused option, Intuit QuickBooks, is a name accountants have known and trusted for decades. If your business does not need the full ERP functionality of NetSuite, but wants the same control over its finances as a traditional accounting solution, QuickBooks is for you. In addition, it gives companies the ability to create their own custom workflows and applications that can be integrated with QuickBooks to manage all financial processes in a single place. Sources: 1

Based on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce is a popular alternative to NetSuite, especially for companies that already use Salesforce. If CRM is the reason you're considering NetSuite, you should look at the options SalesForce offers. Sources: 1

Acumatica, a cloud-based ERP and accounting solution, is a NetSuite replacement frequently suggested by Technology Advisors. The core offering is the most advanced financial services available - focused ERPs option, but it dispenses with the third-party add-ons offered by platforms such as QuickBooks and Salesforce. Microsoft products, including Exchange and Office 365, offer third-party connectors that can be purchased as part of the company's core product suite or as a stand-alone product. Sources: 1

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