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What did the Adaptive Buy mean for Workday?

Workday made a huge splash into FP&A - why?

Why would Workday buy Adaptive Insights, for a whopping 13x multiplier on revenue, when they have been developing their own FP&A (forecasting planning and budgeting) solutions?? Hmm.

Let's look at the facts 

Workday and adaptive don't really swim in the same pool if you know what I mean. Actually, they don't even belong in the same ocean. So why buy them?

New market share?

We know that Workday has a fairly solid enterprise level HCM solution but they have failed to gain major marketshare with their ERP/Financial system. They don't hold mice nuts compared to the godfather of cloud financials/ERP vendor, NetSuite. So could this be a springboard play? Maybe use the Adaptive footprint, in the lower market, to gain entry to that space. Rumour has it they haven't cracked the code on complex heavy financials requirements so maybe a lower, less complex, market might be the better starting point? 

Take a chunk out of Sage Intacct? 

We all know that Intacct became a go-to partner for Adaptive after the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite? NetSuite moved into the candy store of Oracle's heavy   

arsenal of cloud applications including PBCS (Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services via hyperion) , so they are locked and loaded with a great solutions. But Intacct, wow...this might hurt.


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