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Negotiating with Other

Cloud Application Vendors 

Do you have a complex statement of work (SOW) and a recurring cloud subscription service estimate that requires some guidance and help to negotiate? We love dealing with cloud business application vendors. If you are moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud, we will help you manage the monetary and business risks and precisely align your needs with your vendors. 


Not sure what vendors you should be evaluating? We can help with that as well. Book a call with a negotiator here. 


Our Partners have deep experience with complex cloud deployments with hundreds of SaaS vendors.  Our goal is to create a healthy long-term relationship for you and your new cloud partner.


We can help with any cloud application vendor, but our expertise lies in complex deployments involving a significant change to your business capability. 


We specialize in complete business cloud applications like ERP, HCM, MRP, PSA, and CRM - SaaS applications that require implementation complexity. Migrating from a traditional on-premise ERP like Sage MAS 90 to Infor’s CloudSuite would be a great example.


Not sure if we can help you negotiate your cloud vendor agreement? Submit your estimate to NEAL, and he will let you know shortly. 


Feel free to CHAT with us as well.


Cloud Negotiator 

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