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Comparing Intacct with NetSuite

Use these Intacct experts to help guide you to a decision between these great products.

Comparing Intacct with NetSuite

Essentially, Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct offer the same flexibility, but this flexibility works differently. Sage and Intacct offer both small and growing businesses low-cost entry points, including the ability to add users, units and modules as needed. Sources: 3

While Intacct focuses on accounting, NetSuite has a wide range of accounting tools, including financial management, financial planning and business planning. While Intacct provides specialized accounting software that can be easily added at a lower price, netSuites provides all the necessary resources. Sources: 1, 3

Depending on how complex your business process is, you may have to pay a little more for custom development work, but that is not always the case. NetSuite has a lot of features - from the beginning, and additional integrations are possible, such as the integration of SuiteApp. Sources: 1

As Intacct is a specialized accounting software, it relies on external integration consultants to help companies adapt to their needs. NetSuite’s offers go far beyond the needs of accountants and financial professionals, including taxes, payroll, financial planning and other business processes. Sources: 1, 8

NetSuite can do much more and can be used by a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies. You want to manage your entire business in a single suite or does your organization simply need a standalone financial management application? Sources: 8

One thing to remember: you need to develop a strong understanding of your integration opportunities and take the best path with solutions like Intacct. Learn more about what this fully integrated suite can do for your business in our download eBook. Sources: 5, 8

Sage offers several ERP and accounting software products that help you run your business. Although Sage's product portfolio is broad and robust, Sage Intacct and Sage 100c remain two of our most popular products. Sources: 5

Although Intacct is not native to CRM, you can extend its functionality by using an ERP system. NetSuite has a much more robust ERP and accounting software and integrates easily with Salesforce CRM. In short, Net Suite integrates the same features and functionality as Sage's other products, such as the Sage 100c, but without CRMs. Sources: 5, 7

Customer satisfaction is higher than NetSuite, it works with a focus on customer success, and that is more important to me than any other product on the market. Sources: 7

As for the overall rating, comparing Intacct's 163 rating with NetSuite's 29 rating is like comparing apples and oranges. Sources: 7

We investigated Acumatica Cloud ERP against NetSuite and rated G2 Crowd as having the highest number of authenticated user reviews, with 97 out of 42 NetSuite reviews. For comparison: Intacct was used a little more, but not by so many users, and for comparison with Netsuite we used Intaact a little less. Sources: 7

We have already looked at customizing and scaling solutions and compared Intacct, which takes a "best of breed" approach as NetSuite is known, with Intaact. So to help you break it all down, here are the ways they outperform each other in terms of performance, scalability and overall performance of their solutions. Sources: 0, 9

Note: As features, functions and technologies change constantly, we recommend matching your business needs with software capabilities to find the solution that works best for you. Sources: 9

If you look at our grid stacking systems, which stack the features of Sage Intacct and Netsuite side by side, you will find that both products offer very similar accounting and financial data features. In fact, most product comparisons you will see online suggest an equality between the two applications. Initially, both platforms offer similar flexibility and standards, but the processes differ somewhat. Sources: 4, 9

We went public with NetSuite in 2011 and, most importantly, it is a fully integrated software that includes ERP, accounting and CRM. Intacct has integrated accounting software at lower cost, while NetSuite has up resources and higher costs. Sources: 2, 4

We act on emerging opportunities, trends and applications for contracts that need to be accompanied annually by Sage intacct and Netsuite. Our employees are able to work with a wide range of companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and large corporations. Sources: 2

While manual data entry and reporting may be a bold effort, it is time to consider a more effective alternative. Accounting solutions are no better than spreadsheets, but both suites are able to provide direct access to a wide range of business data such as contracts, invoices and financial statements. Sources: 2, 6

While most cloud ERP solutions offer centralized accounting functions that streamline data collection, applications like QuickBooks do the bare minimum to simplify it. There are many reasons to choose Quickbooks, but they lack the broad appeal of Sage and Intacct, even though it is packed with advanced features for analyzing financial data. No other ERP solution can be as simple as accounting software, and more advanced reporting features are included, such as the ability to track and report financial statements and invoices. Sources: 6

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